It is the destination

I’m trying. Really I am, but I don’t think I am going to get past my art training and think of Zentangle as a journey.



I framed this one for the International Wall of Mystery, which you can read about over on my year-long buying-no-craft-supplies blog. I had this whole idea in my head to write this morning about about art for art’s sake and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs — very deep stuff — but if I am ever going to crack this craft I just need to follow my CZT’s advice of just pick up the frackin’ pen. Of COURSE she doesn’t use those exact words, but she might on me before much longer.

Nah. She’s got three kids under eight. She can deal with my lack of clarity and understanding of what for so many people is a wonderful relaxing passtime (it might be art, and I’m not really sure it is a craft but we’ll leave that for now).

I’ll get there. Or I won’t. Just need to pick up the gosh-darn (language honey chile’!) pen.


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