He’s in Milan

I’m in with the paint brush…

The storage nook in the craft room has been needing the ‘drip effect’ for quite some time:

Covering the ‘Accidental Lavender’ (the result of many partial pots of paint from other rooms all mixed up during the Great Magnolia Cover Up of 2005/6) takes two thin coats of cheap white and a top coat of a better quality white. 

Himself has had plenty of one night away work trips but I’ve been waiting for a two nighter to tackle this job. The upstairs hall landing and his office are, um, kinda stuffed. Time for another pass to weed things out for the Girl Guides. This sort of task is best done when you have no other distractions, am I right?

Second thin coat goes on later today and the final coat tomorrow morning, plus there’s these

in the back garden which need my attention. Power wash the old wood, seal the new, Somerset Green on them all. 

In for a penny….

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Twenty five and counting

Different colors 

Same shrub

Says it all I suppose!

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Last Tuesday 

(A few more of these were consumed than would be indicated in the above picture).

This Tuesday 

(Beet and pepper soup after getting wet through doing garden work).

Life is a seesaw ’round here. 

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What a look….

Socks and heels. 

Since I don’t wear the latter all that often it seems sensible to wear them about today so I can pull off a curtsy in ’em tomorrow if needed. 

Thank goodness for online videos. 

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Ten years ago today we TRIED to leave for Hong Kong.

Problems with the British Airways staff meant we left our little airport late and missed the evening connection. We spent a luggage-less night in a grotty Heathrow hotel but did get upgraded the next day from business to first so arrived rumpled in day old clothes but in style.

A quick change at our Peel Street flat and we were out to Kowloon to watch the fireworks.

Nothing quite so exciting today I’m afraid. 

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Ear wig

You know you’ve wasted too much of your life on musicals when the tune from the last quarter of Act 1 of My Fair Lady gets into your head and refuses to budge. 

And if the full lyrics are readily available it only compounds the hell. 

That was my yesterday….

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Guess I better make a new dress, eh?

Anybody else amused by the date?!?

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