A hero

is NOT an over-paid man child who kicks a little ball into a big net (or doesn’t).

A hero struggles through the dark and cold and wet and cramped conditions of a mountain cave system to rescue trapped souls then brings them out alive.

Perspective, people.

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Best view

out an airplane window?

A good thick coat of de-icer fluid.

(From a business class seat with a double vodka tonic in your hand of course. The IWOM may be an expert flyer, but let’s be reasonable).

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Can’t fit more Super Bowl Ts in Himself’s wardrobe anyway.

We don’t feel too deflated.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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All I did this morning was iron. 

Himself time travelled….

I’ll wait. 

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It’s a start, people

It’s a start….

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I got a guy

The troublesome shady spot to the far side of the greenhouse is getting itself slabbed. 

What better way to spend Mountain Day?

All cleared for my guy and a bunch of two by two slabs. It won’t be pretty but it will be a sweepable area for messier tasks. 

Got a couple palettes ready to become an outside potting bench that will be perfect here — but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

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Only good thing

about our night in Manchester. 

What piffle. 

This does not make me a patron of the arts. 

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