I got the power

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However, hard-working tax payers lives don’t matter

Not one bit, apparently.

Y’know: the folk who make your benefits and right to lawfully protest possible?

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Too high:

Too low (and slightly pointless given one course laid as above is the same height as the doubled up version below):



At least it’s narrowed down. We’ll let my guy give me the pros and cons of each option when he arrives in a few. The metal base gets centered over the top course anyway. The plinth goes up this morning for a 36 hour setting time, which, weather permitting, makes Wednesday my birthday — sorta. This is my 5-0 from the spouse if I haven’t mentioned it already. 

Think I’ll have more coffee. And protein. Those weren’t Lego bricks I’ve been moving around all morning. 

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Slab Sweet Slab

If I were not so busy I’d stitch a sampler!


I would. 

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Tip du jour:

 when you can pull apart your old potting bench with your bare hands it’s time for a new potting bench to be acquired or built. 

Just sayin’. 

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And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how

one loses those ‘needlework pounds’ one acquired during the first half of this year:

Moving five raised beds from the section of garden chosen for the new greenhouse. 

Of course giving up caffeine and carbs, drinking lots and lots of water and cutting back on sugar and alcohol might help too, but let’s be sensible here, people.

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Seeing the light

So we dropped by the upholsterers yesterday.

The Chapel isn’t the brightest place so I figured I should take as many pictures as possible at Charlotte James and in Auntie B’s garden to take advantage of a rare sunny day.

Here they sit in Auntie’s dining room until the end of the month, when they will be dedicated at Rosslyn Chapel as a gift to the Collegiate Church of St. Matthew. 

She has a clean home, but several cats who would probably love to nap on my prie dieux.

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