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American by birth, Irish by heritage, Scottish by marriage. Housewife.

Ear wig

You know you’ve wasted too much of your life on musicals when the tune from the last quarter of Act 1 of My Fair Lady gets into your head and refuses to budge.  And if the full lyrics are readily … Continue reading

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Guess I better make a new dress, eh?

Anybody else amused by the date?!?

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The Klingon, the android,

and Theresa.  My new away team. 

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A special place

In hell.  For these bastards. 

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FWP: Flying version

It’s rare for Himself or me to pass by a stack of quart size ziplock bags at an airport. Gonna inconvenience two white Western Frequent Fliers? We’re gonna get SUMPTHIN’ in return.  Get with the program, folks. The people intent … Continue reading

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Then again,

maybe no…. On the wrong side of the pond from Himself — and here for longer than planned due to the necessity of rearranging my flights.  And I don’t think I’m leaving the house today. 

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If I tweeted

I guess I’d state we are at opening night intermission of The Girls here in London — a musical in which we’ve invested.  Apparently there are lots of famous people here. 

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