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Good times

And this was from a few weeks ago when we weren’t even AT one of our team’s games…. Advertisements

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The girl and the boy at

There must be easier ways to make money, but there are few more fun! House seats. Thanks Tara!

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‘…but his love will be true.’

The only good thing about being away from my husband for several long weeks is the knowledge he would never cook this sort of breakfast for himself. (In my defence, this IS only for Saturdays with a golf competition).

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A hero

is NOT an over-paid man child who kicks a little ball into a big net (or doesn’t). A hero struggles through the dark and cold and wet and cramped conditions of a mountain cave system to rescue trapped souls then … Continue reading

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Best view

out an airplane window? A good thick coat of de-icer fluid. (From a business class seat with a double vodka tonic in your hand of course. The IWOM may be an expert flyer, but let’s be reasonable).

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Can’t fit more Super Bowl Ts in Himself’s wardrobe anyway. We don’t feel too deflated. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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All I did this morning was iron. 

Himself time travelled…. I’ll wait. 

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