Damn right you’ll stand

You pampered overpaid ungrateful wretches may disrespect our country but you don’t diss ma Queen. 

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AA are A-OK

The nice lounge receptionist gave me a pass to upgrade from the business to first lounge at JFK yesterday evening as the former was ‘a little busy’.   

Seemed impolite to refuse. 


Replying ONCE to the stewards and stewardesses in the air should be enough for them to know you don’t want to eat on the plane. I will quip that ‘you’ve fed me quite well in the lounge already’ in premium economy (which we fly for eastbound trans Atlantic) but the seat back table still raised in its upright and locked position used to be the clear sign you were good. I mean, what if you had some sort of food issue or would likely lose that meal if you were a nervous flyer? Being asked three times about supper AND breakfast was tiring. 

Water — and lots of it — was fine for me for the just under six hours st 33,000 feet, especially given the champagne consumed in the lounge. Had to drive myself home from the airport in the Passat, which spent two hours in short term surface  having taken Himself there earlier this morning for his overnight work trip. 

Needless to say, lazy day for the IWOM!

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We are NOT amused

Not everyone can get BBC oversees. Those of us forced to pay the yearly  license fee — wether one watches the BBC or not — should have access anywhere on the planet that has a wifi signal. 

YouTube it is then. 

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True love

As much as I loved my strawberry house, it wasn’t perfect:

Clipping and unclipping the net door was a bit of a phaff and I think the gravel in the base of each section of guttering was not needed after all. 

The plan for next season is to replace the glass sections of the door with chicken wire or the like. I’m tempted to do the same with the curved plexiglass panels on each side in order to improve the ventilation. 

Meanwhile, the best of the plants will overwinter in a bed to the right of the strawberry house. This bed will be filled with wildflower seed come spring to attract bees to the strawberry blossoms. 

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We dinna walk on water,

but we do drive on it!

Perhaps the new bridge — sorry, ‘crossing’ — will appear once the Queen gives it her official approval Monday. 

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This time you’re really fired. 

I’m fed up with the garden elves. They really aren’t pulling their weight this season.

The gravel and topsoil for the new raised beds have been here since half eight Thursday morning. Why haven’t the garden elves spread the gravel and filled the beds? I don’t care if they are union. I’m firing their tiny butts. If you want a job done right….

At least I’ve figured out the cold frame base issue. From this

to this

Those poly carb wall frames aren’t going anywhere now. Look close and you can see the eye hooks on the now shorter corner braces, which are there so the roof panels of the cold frame can be tied down during the windier weather. (This is Scotland so that would be ten and a half months out of the year).  I’ve never used cold frames before so didn’t invest in more expensive ones from the company from whom I got my greenhouse; these are perfectly well built but light enough to lift with an index finger. The grounding pegs included would need to be twice as long to stand up to our stiff breezes round here. Should the weather prove really nasty I can hang these high on the garage walls with only two pegs each. 

Somerset Green gets on everything that doesn’t move or grow. So much rain this summer means items to paint go into the greenhouse to dry out overnight then get painted in the garage once Himself and the Passat are away to work at half six weekday mornings, or five to five if it’s a working in London day. Some of my handmade trellis needs to be rebuilt to fit the newer raised beds but that’s on the B list at present. It’s not too late to get seeds planted for over wintering in the cold frames (pansies and the like) so getting the cold frame area sorted is top of today’s list.

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He’s in Milan

I’m in with the paint brush…

The storage nook in the craft room has been needing the ‘drip effect’ for quite some time:

Covering the ‘Accidental Lavender’ (the result of many partial pots of paint from other rooms all mixed up during the Great Magnolia Cover Up of 2005/6) takes two thin coats of cheap white and a top coat of a better quality white. 

Himself has had plenty of one night away work trips but I’ve been waiting for a two nighter to tackle this job. The upstairs hall landing and his office are, um, kinda stuffed. Time for another pass to weed things out for the Girl Guides. This sort of task is best done when you have no other distractions, am I right?

Second thin coat goes on later today and the final coat tomorrow morning, plus there’s these

in the back garden which need my attention. Power wash the old wood, seal the new, Somerset Green on them all. 

In for a penny….

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