AA are A-OK

The nice lounge receptionist gave me a pass to upgrade from the business to first lounge at JFK yesterday evening as the former was ‘a little busy’.   

Seemed impolite to refuse. 


Replying ONCE to the stewards and stewardesses in the air should be enough for them to know you don’t want to eat on the plane. I will quip that ‘you’ve fed me quite well in the lounge already’ in premium economy (which we fly for eastbound trans Atlantic) but the seat back table still raised in its upright and locked position used to be the clear sign you were good. I mean, what if you had some sort of food issue or would likely lose that meal if you were a nervous flyer? Being asked three times about supper AND breakfast was tiring. 

Water — and lots of it — was fine for me for the just under six hours st 33,000 feet, especially given the champagne consumed in the lounge. Had to drive myself home from the airport in the Passat, which spent two hours in short term surface  having taken Himself there earlier this morning for his overnight work trip. 

Needless to say, lazy day for the IWOM!


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