White Girl

So this afternoon — to keep myself out of Himself’s way, what with him WFH — I built a skinny version of an Ana White potting bench I’ve admired for some time:

My version is about half the width and a bit taller to take advantage of the inches to metres translation I needed to make. 

My changes also included off setting the back legs for efficient use of space,  as well as making the middle shelf removeable. 

I still need to decide what to do for shelves along the back but I thought I’d do some work on it first. 

I also can’t decide if I should submit a brag post to Ana’s site. I’ve made a fair few changes and do so hate those Epucurious reviews where people say they changed this, that and left out those and were really unimpressed with the recipe.  

Be that as it may…the location in the greenhouse was chosen so I can look directly out and up toward the back of the house to the upstairs window in Himself’s home office. 

Plus, I can leave my iPhone on the dryer by the back door and it is still close enough to be connected to my Apple Watch. 

Perhaps it needs a cup holder next. 


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