Keeping in mind those very seriously affected:

Ten Reasons Why We Don’t Care The Bridge Is Closed

10. Alarm goes from 5:50AM to 6:45AM. Or maybe a little later than that once we sort out sharing the house 24/7 now.

9. Much healthier, cheaper and tastier lunches for Himself (and the IWOM makes more of an effort vs. just having leftovers or cheese and oatcakes).

8. More attractive and sparkly lunch companion (ahem) for Himself and midday shoulder rubs!

7. No 40-50 minute morning commute for Himself — in the dark.

6. No hour+ home commute for Himself — in the dark.

5. ESPN sport shows during lunch hours.

4. Completely under control occasional contra flow on the stairs.

3. FAR less ironing for the IWOM (and party time for the contents of the cufflinks box!).

2. Serious savings on diesel.

1. Himself gets to wear his new Converse High Tops to work. Every day.

Really, we do feel for the folk who are going to lose time, money, and possibly their marbles over this. We’ve got a place to stay on the south side of the water anytime we need it even at the shortest of notice (Auntie B rocks!) and this morning sees me wintering the car as usual with a few extras i.e. a well stocked overnight bag for Himself, extra CDs and snacks.

Now to follow the inevitable inquiry.



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