So I decided to invest in some dotting tools (pins stuck into the eraser end of a pencil working fine but I am limited as to dot size: FWP) but knew I wasn’t going to be able to get them in the Big City last weekend because if I did sure as shootin’ they would be confiscated on the way back up home. The things I’ve seen on the opposite end of airport security over the years…. To make up my order to free shipping I got a few other things that seems to be useful for my new career in nail art: very thin brushes, a rapid dry spray and a french tip pen. I’m on the slippery slope now.


I’ve received a ridiculous amount of comments on the manicure I did last week. I thought I’d possibly get one or two but holy cow. It isn’t why I did them this way (as you know) but if they made people smile that’s great. So I could remember that one without turning on the iMac or cluttering up my already quite full iPod Touch, I made a wee chart


and noted the colors. I didn’t bother with the brand names or polish names as sometimes you have no clue what the actual color IS from the name. I briefly toyed with putting a drop of each color on my little sheet, but decided it wasn’t worth wasting the polish.

Oi. It really is just a short step to having yet another blog to maintain. In case you are wondering, last Thursday’s nails still look great due to two topcoats and the wearing of gloves for garden and housework. I don’t want to get out the remover quite yet despite my long wish list of designs!


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