I know. I know.

DSC04727I was NOT going to use the sunroom as a back-up greenhouse. Then I thought some wee seedlings might look nice in a set of long thin propagators I used on the kitchen window cill last year out at the far end of the sunroom.

DSC04726Then I saw these in a big box store, on sale to a terribly reasonable price, and I thought they would be great for starting vegetables in a few weeks.

DSC04728I had these dragonfly lights on a small artificial tree that gets put out here with the lights on a timer so I do not have to go out and turn them on and off. Even though we use the room ever so much more now that it is not cold out there come the winter, I did that this past Christmas anyway out of habit. When it came time to take down the tree, I didn’t want to pack away the lights!





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