Somebody stop me

(I can’t believe I can’t find the ‘before’ pictures. I could have sworn I took some. If I find ‘em I’ll plug ‘em in here).

These bits and pieces hung on the walls of my bathroom until this morning; some are samples from my first book, some framed bits from Himself’s first trip to Hong Kong, others Royal School of Needlework projects.

I mixed the wall color from white and two blues used on half the living room walls and Himself’s bathroom (the ensuite of the master bedroom) with the intent of mimicking the now discontinued Lush ballistic ‘Summer Blues’. I remember finding out that it was going and lamenting this to Himself, who then went to a Lush when away on his next day trip to the offices to the South and filled his briefcase full for me. For weeks it smelled far too sweet for such a manly guy.

I’ve given myself the budget of fifty quid (which — because I like a challenge — I’d be doing anyway even if Himself had NOT been whopped with a four figure tax bill AND had 80% of his raise and bonus taken by the government in tax last week. That’s the ‘let’s punish the hard-working and reward the tramps who have a half dozen children by different men with housing, benefits and money instead’ government we suffer under here in this country). Just about 3/4 of that paltry amount was spent on the furniture (one of each style of Ikea’s Rasts and a large Ram mirror) but the paint is from what I got to hand and because it fits with the new theme I am reusing things like this

as well as

which were bought years ago and never used. I think I got these with the intention of putting them in the conservatory sunroom.

It’s been a rather boring morning of filling all the holes and painting the ceiling. Next up is mural designing but that needs to wait while I paint wee bits for and IN the layout. The last golf competition of the year for Himself was yesterday, so that means lots more N-gauge work as the days get darker and colder and you-know-who gets to do the really fine work. Having to wear my new (well, new in March) glasses to do so is made much less worse by the fact Himself says I look like a sexy librarian while wearing them.



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