About that vow…

It took me a LOT longer to get everything drawn yesterday than I thought it would. I’m not letting myself out of the aim of getting it all done by the end of the week, but I figured I better let you know.

Every cage has a bird, the basic palm frond shapes are drawn out over on the left side of the mural and I more or less know where the cherry blossoms on the branches at the top will go.

The mural took days of designing on paper, researching shapes on t’internet, working out the consistency of the paint (10:1 that Black Magic emulsion paint to water) so it would spread well but not run or dry too transparent and need further coats and then getting the shapes in the right places. I’m not quite sure what this might mean, but I’ve always divided my crafting into ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’. This practice comes in handy when the tendonitis is acting up (limiting painting to three hours a day will keep that at bay) or I’m away from the craft room (at 37,000 feet?) but still want to get some work done. Now that I’m done thinking, I probably will change very little as I just paint, paint and paint.

For the end of the week.


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