The audience is NOT 30 feet away

In the theatre’s world of backstage, we have the all important axiom imbedded at an early age ‘the audience is 30 feet away and the conductor doesn’t care’. This means, more or less, don’t sweat the small stuff as nobody who bought a ticket can see it anyway.

The stone work of my chess table is done a LOT differently than the stone of the 15 foot columns we use for many different shows up at the set building workshop. Bigger brushes and sponges, not as good quality paint and an increased level of speed in the application.

The barnboard method for the futon frame revamp clearly couldn’t fall under the Hello Dolly Feed Store technique Himself and I used last March.

Stage one (ha-ha) was a mix of equal parts black emulsion, water base oak stain and water.

Then sanding. Lots of sanding. And lots of lighter grey layers until I got the pale faded almost ACK house/barnboard look I wanted.  Then I held up a scrap of the flooring to the lower edge of that lovely barn board-esque look and realised the frame and floor just melted together. Time for more thinned black washes

and one final sand when this coat dries.

My sparky came this morning in the midst of this last coat. HOW MUCH BETTER is this than before? Only another couple days until the floor goes down so any last messy work that is to be done in here needs to get done NOW.

Like finding then painting that second three pot and tray set with chalkboard paint — I picture it in the garage —

and getting more indoor bulbs started. These are paperwhites. I think the hyacinth jar and little crocus vases must be in the garage too.


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