You’d a’thunk

I would have got Himself to help me carry the newly revamped furniture into the new conservatory sunroom by now — if only to think about placement. You’d be wrong. I have one or two a half dozen things to take care of before the fun of arranging the furniture and tchotckies.

A floor, for example. That’s on order for delivery tomorrow. One of the boys on the crew who built the new insulated ceiling of the conservatory sunroom overheard me ask the company owner if he could recommend a floor fitter then at the end of Day 1 quietly mentioned he did this on the side and gave me a more than fair quote for the job. He took off the skirting boards between coats of white ceiling paint Saturday, which I am going to sand and paint to save me doing it post-floor laying. Less messy that way.

A mural. I got a thing for murals in this house.

That’s in the planning stage, as is the one for the craft room. (And both really should get put on the B list since the garden desperately needs me in the coming weeks, but this afternoon it is chucking it down so no hope for working there just now). 

Because of the extremes of hot and cold, I would — every year, without fail  — have to seal the seams in the ledge and repaint them with white gloss. I am really hopin’ I can cut down on that task. Every five years now? That would be niiiice. It also seemed a good time to wash the 24 windows (a small above each of the 12 large) and the two sets of French doors and clean all the blinds. Next nice semi-sunny day we do the outsides of the windows, carefully removing the spiders of course. I have a deal with the spiders: they stay outside, or in the garage on unneeded tools like my silicone gun

and I make sure never to squash them if they are in my way (i.e. if they are on a branch I need to prune or made a home in an empty pot in the greenhouse that I now require). Inside? I will try to remove them humanely, but if they struggle….

You’ll remember these. Instead of trying to make the bracket blend into the wall I decided to make them look more-er part of the lanterns:

Yes, anything to avoid washing those windows today. Like getting out the chalkboard paint for these bright green herb pots and trays

(I’ve always found at least three coats of this brand are needed) and the leftover silver paint used on the kitchen coving

for this charity shop find lantern,

which I had already painted a metallic green over the cream gloss.

Right. Windows.


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