22 1/2 hours later

That’s where we were yesterday around this time

and here’s where we are with the new ceiling this morning.

The guys who did this were amazingly fast, worked steadily until half seven last night and were not at all phased by the odd shape they had to build at the apex for my new light and desire for a foot lower ceiling. Day 2 of the three-day install is actually a drying day so no need to bake today. (The assorted roof crews a few weeks back got a lot of chocolate based stuff but the crew yesterday got wholemeal scones in the morning and shortbread in the later afternoon).

Gonna wait until I have my Zentangle lesson before going any further with this ‘un. Since I am going all black, white and greys for the furniture, assorted things are catching my eye.

I loved doing pen and ink in my high school and university art classes and my second favourite Royal School of Needlework subject was blackwork (the first being stumpwork).

I am quite looking forward to my upcoming Zentangle class with K2. While the meditative aspect of this craft intrigues me, I am at heart just a down to earth girl with a strong Protestant work ethic (work=producing things=self worth) and once I learn an art/craft I want to use it for practical purposes. What will I do with lots of wee 3 1/2 inch squares of art? There’s plenty of Zentangle inspired art on the interweb for me to look at to tie me over until the class. And it’s not like I am lacking for projects at the moment, is it?


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