Change of plans

I’d thought about writing up the saga of the roof at Case de IWOM today now that the scaffold is down and the number one thought in the front of my head since mid-March is now gone but a). it is a long and boring story and b). I am so glad it is over that I don’t really fancy thinking it all through again.

But, in a nutshell — roof tiles attached wrong back in 2005 when the house was built, discovered by some honest roofers who I called in March to replace a few broken tiles I could see from the ground, said roofers told me to ‘go after’ the builders so I did. Result: over 100 new tiles, all new and old ones now properly attached, all workmanship made right at absolutely no expense to us — other than the hours I lost chasing and threatening assorted people. Nobody wastes my husband’s money but me.


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