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Or perhaps ‘Hobbling’ is more apt. There’s no good day for an accident like mine but if it was going to happen, a Friday the 13th slot was fitting.

I was happily puttering in my garage yesterday morning, cutting up old bits of fence to make pot lifts and and a base for my bird table and what do I do but step on a board with a rusty nail. Sucker went right through my rubber soled Land’s End work shoes and a good half inch into the ball of my right foot. (Yep. It hurt. LOTS). Within a minute and a half I was inside, bloody sock off, rinsing the puncture with hydrogen peroxide while composing an email to Little Sis to send to Dr. Bro-in-Law. Given that my last tetanus shot was five years, two months ago he didn’t believe I needed to get a booster but cautioned me on an ordinary infection. Phew. Did not want to end the week dealing with the NHS (and what sane person ever does?). A number of sites I checked while waiting to hear back from Little Sis suggested a booster if you are five years since your last inoculation if it is a particularly deep wound with foreign matter included — which mine certainly was — but I’m good with the Bro-in-Law’s advice. Besides, I am a damn tough chick and one who knows to go clean wounds like this ASAP and not just stick a bit of electrical tape on it like Himself did after a theatre work mishap, which led to him winding up at the student health center with a swollen knee a few days after kneeling on a drawing pin (thumbtack). Then I married him and these things no longer happen. Well, they happen but I sort them before professional intervention is needed.

I was going to make my travel iPad cover cover today while Himself was at his usual Saturday golf competition but after some Excedrin with a hot chocolate with amaretto syrup chaser yesterday afternoon, I got to work to take my mind off the gouge in my foot. That’s why today’s post is so bright and early GMT. The foot is still throbbing but less swollen and all visible rust is out after a hot bath last night plus more hydrogen peroxide this morning. Thanks for askin’.

I used more of this Death Fabric to make a mock of the iPad cover cover I need for the trip. This first one was okay but I wanted to combine some of the other things I take on plane trips into the version going with us 13 days from today.

I’d seen a number of tutorials online for iPad covers but what I need is a cover cover (the reasons being in the link above). It essentially was a matter of making an extra sleeve set ninety degrees from the two paperwork pockets.

I always have a plastic zip envelope with paper and pen for note scribbling, sketches, etc. when I travel. The extra pockets here mean I don’t need that this trip for the plane, on which I sometimes get ideas or flashes of inspiration that need taking down between five course meals and lots of wine. (The IWOM makes a mental note to fill her tea tin with peppermint tea bags as BA did not have those in first class last time we flew them to HK. Sometimes that’s just what you want at 37,000 feet). 

I don’t really need business cards this trip but a). I had that cute polka dot scrap and b). I only have eight left of the 1000 I had made in Hong Kong years ago so thought they would like to visit. Clearly the pain was getting to me by this step ’cause the Excedrin was NOT kicking in. A good bottle of shiraz later Friday night helped though.

The fabric for the cover cover is an assortment from the black and white cotton prints tub — various things I’ve picked up over the years for a black and white Double Wedding Ring quilt I was going to make for our twentieth, having made a black and white scrap quilt top for our tenth. More on that when we return from our adventures.

The mock had much smaller corners for holding the device. I made these bigger for more security — just enough so that the screen isn’t too blocked. The little jade dangle used to hang from Himself’s Hong Kong Blackberry and when he gave that up on our return for a UK version the dangle went to the old iPad.  A slot between the corner and lining was needed for that so it does not scratch the screen.

That good sturdy velcro is from one of Himself’s golf gloves. He goes through one or two a season but it’s the leather that wears out so I pinch the velcro before the glove gets chucked.

The pocket is a little large and looks a bit out of proportion to me (perhaps I should have chose a less contrasting fabric) but needs to be long enough for pens & pencils

and roomy enough for my earphones (which usually go in a wee drawstring pouch). To secure this pocket I went with a strip of half inch velcro along the top edge.

Other accessories for the trip, plus lots of cool handmade clothes — some from scratch, some refashioned — are over on A Life Without Clothes if you care to look. As for me, I am leaving garden work for a few days until I can stand on my foot without pain so that means more clothes and crafts for the trip.

Thirteen days from now.

(Did I mention that already?).


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