The toy or the box?

It should come as no surprise that my siblings and I were box kids.

Himself bought me several beautiful glass pieces in Murano Monday. The ‘World’s Most Expensive Ashtray’ (Ercole Moretti, whose work — including this piece — is in the modern cases at the Glass Museum) came heavily boxed and styrofoamed but the less expensive piece was wrapped in bubble wrap and this paper.

No idea what I am going to use them for yet. Between the garden, the revised sewing list for the Asia trip wardrobe, this yucky weather (which snapped some of my aliums yesterday)

and a husband who woke this morning and said something along the lines of preferring that we were in Venice this morning (which resulted in me making him his favourite lemon loaf cake after he schlepped off to work

and putting into place a temporary suspension of the ‘food is food/love is love’ credo), making paper beads seemed to be the best option.

The ONLY option.


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