There’s a reason

why I had that bag of gravel put right outside the window over the kitchen sink, but I have been doing a good job of ignoring it since the return from our most recent travels.

Today was the day to start whittling it down. I have high hopes that the gravel will not house all the bugs, spiders, assorted creepy crawlies who made the wood chips their home.

I know it will be easier to work in the garden in yucky weather (like NOW: rain, grey skies, far too cool temperatures for this time of year) when it is all gravel but I know I’m going to need more raised beds and pots to break up the sea of ‘Autumn Harvest’.

The boys at my builders’ center (I am ALWAYS the only girl there when I go down to order gravel, 22x100mm sawn carcassing, counter-sink drill bits) said the colors change slightly from year to year. My original two bags bought in 2010 had the same orange dust on them which washed off after a few rain storms so this new stuff should blend in before long.


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