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So Himself suggested I download the WordPress app for easier blogging. One can, of course, access the full site on this this gadget but I have a fair amount of trouble typing on the iPad due to a). long nails and b). poor circulation. My cold fingers held at awkward angles often bring me grief, so today after he went off to work (yes, it is a Bank Holiday but not for my guy, who works in a bank…) I walked to the nearest computer store and got one of those dinky stylus pen thingies.

Why the effort? Well somebody won enough in Vegas for the newest version of the iPad (which was bought in NYC actually) and I got the old one full time. We’ve sorted out the FaceTime option between the iPad 3 and my big ol’ iMac in the kitchen so business trips are no longer quite so bad now that we can talk face to face each night. I have got to get myself to an Apple store to take more classes. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know you don’t know it.


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