Fifth from the bottom!

See here for the reason I put all those Chinese Knot jewellery donations to Paws Here Edinburgh in plastic bags….

On a more positive note, my favourite charity earned a respectable amount last week at their  Christmas fair — I hope to arrange my life in 2012 in such a way as I can actually donate TIME to them but that’s going to be a challenge given that I live 30 miles away on the other side of the water and their opening hours are not always conducive to the life of the IWOM and Himself.

The kneeler project for Roslin Chapel ticks away. I am still working on the backgrounds. Boy kneeler clearly must be a subtle tartan, girl kneeler waffles between a heart or flower design of a patchwork square nature. Perhaps I should post pictures and ask for a vote. I think I need to build some sort of rig like we had at the Royal School of Needlework for our big ol’ slate frames. You could adjust the angle, sit in any sort of chair and it (they, rather, since it was two bits between which you set up your frame) did not take up much space when not in use. I’ve never seen them for sale (as if I would BUY vs make them) so perhaps an email to my peeps at the RSN with a request for some pictures is in order for this horrid windy wet cold and Himself-less couple of days. A look through our 1997-1998 album might be in order as I do recall taking pictures of our workrooms.

While cleaning the craft room yesterday I procrastinated by looking over my origami papers. I would not need THAT much more to fold a senbazura in 2012 (for those keeping count, it would be my third — the others being in 2004 and 2007). Muji and the Japan Center in London, plus a funky little paper shop near the old flat are available to fill in the gaps. Anybody want to join in a fold-along?


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