You’ll have to take my word for it

Himself took the camera to Copenhagen today. For how I tackled the next Chi Shing stone fish bead, you’ll have to see what E suggested – see the picture at the very bottom of her gallery (Image 19). Mine is jasper beads and a yellow-ish fish. Seriously cool. And already slated for a gift, so I won’t actually put that one up until it is given!

You won’t be able to see the new table for the office, the latest garden pictures or the latest work on the fish bag on my refashion blog. Took the pictures. Just didn’t LOAD the pictures. We really don’t need another car, but we really could use another camera….

I guess I’ll have to use the camera on my phone to take pictures of the lair choice at the end of the week. (Must dig out the instruction book). Himself is letting me chose our final resting place in the cemetery of the chapel where we got married. I also took on the job of sorting out our wills. You don’t need to be a control freak like me to have these things arranged. Think of it as the last favour you can do for whomever you are leaving behind.


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