Cake Sale Roundup

It is now time for side lights on the Passat for the trip TO the airport in the mornings. The return trip only needs them if it is raining. Two nights away, two countries for Himself this week. With one being a new country, I had to load the cake sale pictures last night. (We share a car. We share a camera). I’m not sure how many pictures he will manage to get, but how many pictures do you need of Luxemburg? How many can you get? It’s a small place.

Though I tried some of the dough of the cake balls during the test phase, I didn’t eat one until near the end of the sale. One of those vanilla cake balls with the chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles sat on the tray all by itself, unwanted, unloved at 1:15PM. I am so over not wanting to take the last item on a grocery shelf (though I do check the box/tin/packaging for breaks/dents /tears) but not everyone is there with me.

I should probably apologize to Himself’s Big Boss for sending the department into sugar shock (as it used to be called). Yes we raised around four hundred fifty quid – the goal was three hundred* – but it likely does not equal any lost productivity from the crashes suffered by the folk buying the cupcakes, truffles and cake balls. My ‘healthy options’ (carrot, carrot walnut, carrot raisin, banana cranberry and banana apple chip) went at the end, so that has been taken into consideration in the post-sale analysis. Many more cake balls needed, perhaps a few dozen less truffles. It all went in the end when we packaged up four ‘bargain parcels’ and sold them for a good price. It is an office full of Scots after all….

I guess accountants only think in BIG numbers. We got some doozies for guesses! 678 was the number, one lady guessed 660 so went home with the decanter full above. I’m going to send an email to her later today to ask how many jelly beans are left after the weekend. We could have another contest for that!

We hope the look, variety and quality will allow us to have the next charity sale outside the house: there is an open corridor section at HQ and ‘houses’ which require your employee pass to get into branch off to the side. (I must say, I got tired of knocking to get in so next time I am going to demand a visitor card! I have a security pass to wear when I go to HQ but it is just printed out and stuck in a plastic sleeve with a clip). We need to start earlier so people will get stuff for their morning coffee break then more for dessert for after lunch. 10 to 1 next time vs. 11-2 we’re thinking. I’m hoping we will be able get the services of the Big Boss’s Right Hand’s daughter again. H. was brilliant: and who can resists such a cute girl who asks if you want more as she is boxing up your cupcakes? S. and I would not have got away with that!

Just food pix – don’t want to compromise the facility by wide angle shots which have people in ‘em (including Himself, who kept saying how ‘odd’ it was to have me there all day. I was on my best behaviour – honest). Then again, you don’t want to see sterile, boring cubicles do you? God but that place needs some color. Not like the sewing room of course, but something.

* currency converter for your convenience:

USD – 492/739  or AUD – 448/672 or HKD – 3,839/5,778




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