Once begun:

half done.

Or so I have heard a fair few older Scots say over the years. Oi. I wish.

The part on which you kneel is going to have the same size St. Clair cross as the kneelers that the IWOM and many other talented women stitched for that project all those years ago. The back ground on those  is plain dark blue but I am going to use three shades of blue for a subtle print background for each: tartan or geometric for the boy version, a rose design for the girl one. These are being made for weddings at the chapel (though I am sure they will have other uses) so I want them to coordinate yet be distinct. Y’know. Kinda like real marriages. Got another combo? Fine.  Do as you like. An apple is not an orange. Get over it. You need to find another word. Surely there is someone out there who can come up with something acceptable.


Since I am not done with the stitched samples I switched over to getting rid of all the ugly green leatherette (it being Saturday and me being a golf widder). The brass edge was easy to remove

but is not worth saving.

Neither, really, is that leatherette (back view for you) or the foam .

The staples were a bear to remove. A chisel, hammer and pliers were my tools of choice. Despite the care I took,

I cut my left forefinger rather badly on the second unit. The staples on that were much harder to get out, my wrists were getting sore…I should have left it for the day but I was almost done. (That’s the third bandage on my finger. The first two were too gross to photograph. You should see this one now. Yeech. I’ll have to put on number four by the end of this very hard to type post). I consoled myself with an Irn-Bru. For those who don’t know the drink, think bright orange but bubble gum flavor. Great with whiskey.

I’ll need to consult those in my circle who know more about woodworking than I do. Many of the staples broke off when I tried to remove them and I can’t get the bitty ends out. Do I dig them out and fill the holes or just pound them in? I was planning to stain the oak darker after sanding the wood down but can’t do that until I deal with the sharp metal bits sticking out.


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