I’m with the band

My trips to Auntie B and the Chapel seem to be increasing these days. Yesterday before an airport pick up I popped out to get a few pictures of the kneelers I stitched years ago (and to help cheer up Auntie B, who had to put her cat down Monday). The first was for Auntie B’s husband and son: their names are on the short sides

and I filled the long sides with simple diamond bargello.

All the tops were supposed to be a simple St. Clair cross with a red border and the darkest of the three blues for the background. Once you finished the stitching, the canvas went back to the Fabric Group to be made into kneelers.

One of the tour guides on duty yesterday showed me hers and we discussed ways to preserve these works of art. With all the restoration work going on at the Chapel there’s a lot of dust and debris around. They are all starting to show wear so next trip out I am bringing a repair kit and my hand held vac.

One can’t take pictures IN the chapel so I took my sketchbook with me. When I was done I brought my first kneeler outside to photograph then wandered around the outside of the chapel looking for design motifs.

I always go to the Chapel with Auntie, which means I sail by the admissions people and don’t have to pay the 7.70GBP fee. I joked that I needed a back-chapel pass in case I needed to go in when she wasn’t around! It was a lovely day so we walked down to the graveyard to say hello to Alan and Nick. I asked what the chances were of Himself and me getting a plot there for the time when we’ll need it. Given the fact we were married there and we have connections I am hoping we can make this happen. How nice it would be to wind up in the same place as we started our life together.


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