The Girl With The Dragon

make that ‘dragons’.  Just have the one permanent dragon.

My ‘gators didn’t want to be ‘gators. I guess you can’t force things to be what they are not, no matter how hard you try.

These need some more tinkering but I have rehearsal tonight, providing Himself gets away from work in time. I’ll be there even if I am late as it is 7:30PM to 10PM then beyond if needed. (It is on the rare occasion kinda annoying to have but one car — but not annoying enough to buy another one).

Luckily the CoE props are just about all wrapped up. My reproduction reproduction Viking lantern came out okay

as did the ‘safety rocks’ for when Cain kills Abel

and the axe with which Shem plans to kill some snakes making their way to the ark.

A week from tonight is the load-in. Eeek. 


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