Snow Day Take 2

‘’I think the key here is to look at what feminism has actually done. Has it promoted the overall happiness of women, stabilized the social structure of families, created a healthier (both physically and mentally) generation of children, contributed to economy, reduced the levels of stress and anxiety for both men and women? No, no, and, again, no. Feminism robbed countless women of the fulfillment they could easily and naturally have had as wives and mothers, leading them to the false belief they must do something “greater” to be happy, and causing the average “modern” human being to believe that the existence of a woman as “just” a wife and mother is illegitimate. This is now ingrained very deeply in us. Even many of the women who do stay behind to guard the hearth and home often fret about proving they are “doing enough” at home in order to justify their presence as homemakers’’.

That’d be Anna T over on Ladies Against Feminism summing it up for me today in an article titled ‘Feminism Q&A’. I could NOT be more different than this gal (Jewish, mother, lives in a decidedly different country and environment than I do) — or for that matter any of the writers on the LAF site — but  Mrs. T pokes the same holes in feminism I like to (certainly not as eloquently) and shines a light on it for what it is. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be this way, but gosh has an enormous portion of feminism failed miserably if it was meant to improve the lives of women and by extension families of all sizes.

Listening to parents (mostly mothers) on the telly this morning complaining that they had to stay home from work because their usual childcare wasn’t available or they couldn’t GET their offspring TO the day orphanages made me want to slap quite a few of them into reality. The problem didn’t seem to be the fact they couldn’t get to work but that they couldn’t get someone else to look after their children because so many schools are closed. Most of my CF posts are password protected and I did consider doing the same for this one given that I have child’d readers, but REALLY people. This falls into the same category as not having food in the house, or petrol in the car or enough blankets and candles should the power be the next to go.

I know two things today: local councils are not going to be putting in orders for more plows, gritters and rock salt and mainstream feminism isn’t going to make life better for women. And I need to get my head round that…as well as stop putting ‘author’ on my landing card when I travel and return to writing ‘housewife’.

Glass of merlot with the freshly baked bread and hearty sausage and lentil soup I made for Himself for lunch today? Or is it more of a Cab Sav sort of day? I believe the plan for us this afternoon is to once again dig out the drive when he finishes his calls for today.


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