Would you believe me

if I said I spent a good portion of this snowy day planting bulbs?

Seriously. I’d left some to plant in late November once we returned from our travels (as I have in years past) but the ground has been frozen since we got home and I just about got my raspberry canes and strawberry plants in the ground last Friday. The remaining crocus, daffodils and muscari all went into pots today and now sit in the most sheltered, non-snowy parts of the back garden. A layer of snow got sprinkled on each (lest they be used by the neighborhood cats as litter trays, my front garden being unavailable to these creatures with rude owners).

My poor winter bedding (primrose, bellis and pansy) is in shock. Himself, who winged working from home Monday, says this is the heaviest earliest snow he’s ever known in the Homeland. He has sensibly loaded up a Bank laptop with work and is staying here with me tomorrow given that the roads are in such awful shape between here and Bank HQ. Fingers crossed we will get to London Friday for the weekend as planned.


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