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living where I do — is the sort of thing I see all the time just driving down the road. The new header picture is Incholm Abbey and is found on a wee island in the middle of the Forth. It takes visitors to remind me that this is a really REALLY old country.

The weekend in London did much to aid in the recovery of this family of two. The Open Air Theatre at Regent’s Park served up a disappointing version of Into The Woods. The costume, sets and actors were great but the turning of the Narrator into a little boy (and a not very good one in this performance — the kid kept fumbling his words in the parts where one really needs to speak in time to the music) except for the Mysterious Man parts (which were played by a man of the correct age) just did not work.  Aspects of Love — done chamber piece style with FAR too much French for moi — was an example of tweaking a musical for the good. Between the two we had a lovely meal at Roast in Borough Market.

On Sunday morning we went to Columbia Road Flower Market for the first time since we left London over five years ago and I bought bulbs for the garden since that seemed to be the thing least likely to cause a fuss at the airport. Lunch at the Square Pie Company in Spitafields and a wander round the market looking at what the cool hip kid designers are making these days polished off the weekend.

Oh well. Back to work. Heavy rain is due tomorrow so today would be best spent in the garden.


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