Bring it on, you b******s!

Got a nice Marlborough Savignon Blanc chilling in the fridge to have at lunch with our chicken Caesar salad, Himself got an extra hour in bed and it is going to pour on the idiots outside The Bank today.

He is working in the living room as I type this (in jeans and a T-shirt) and has scheduled me for a ‘special meeting’ between calls later this afternoon. Game of chess I believe….

Really, can life get any better?!? Stay as long as you like, you benefit scrounging, work-shy vandals who don’t really care a jot for the environment. If you did, you wouldn’t be wearing masks — and costing the taxpayers enormous amounts for police overtime. I come from a family of protesters who never lowered themselves to violence or mask-wearing so it can be done.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed are those of the IWOM, not her Better Half.

(Well, they might be but I don’t want to disturb him ‘at work’ to ask. I’ll do it later).


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