The Last Seventeen Years

We saw an assortment of good shows the past two Saturdays at the Fringe but my favorite moment had nothing to do with the shows themselves or even a particular performer. Walking back into McEwan Hall to see Clarke (smooooth) Peters in Five Guys Named Moe sucked us back through a time portal to the day of Himself’s graduation from law school.

You were allowed only two tickets but could queue up one morning a few weeks before graduation day at The Old College for spares. Luckily I got two more: his parents would have had to flip a coin to see who was going with me. We got married between his third and fourth year of honours law if you recall. I took my Auntie B, the younger sister of my paternal grandmother’s best friend, a Scot who married an American soldier after the war and moved to the States with him. Auntie B arranged for us to get married at Roslin Chapel ‘before’ it was famous and used to bring us a bottle of German white wine (she’d been married on a German) every so often since we were pretty poor at the start. It was also Auntie B who told me I wouldn’t always have to ‘use tea bags twice’. I bring her teas from our worldwide gallivanting.

Rigging for the lights and heavy curtains to create the proscenium hid some of the hall from view but I spotted the seat from which I saw my Better Half collect his first degree. This was the first show of the evening so before the second show we had supper at a restaurant off Shandwick that cost more than I spent to feed us for a week that year we lived in our married students flat. According to the housing department, the only other three married student flats were occupied by graduate students that school year so we got a nicer one than we expected. (We WISH we’d been able to afford that much space when we bought the London flat a few months later when we moved to London ‘for a year’ so Himself could get his Masters in Public International Law at LSE). The Saturday before — in a moment of nostalgia — we’d walked up to our old flat. Himself remembered not being able to afford a phone or cable. I remembered the five flight hike since the old building had no elevator….


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