After two quite ridiculous quotes for the removal of my mini mountains in the back garden I met up with the son-in-law of one of my oldest friends on this side of the pond. Even if his quote wasn’t a good quarter less I’d have gone with his company – the other two firms wanted to take out the wood panels in the stone wall and bring in a digger! An eight foot skip and some sturdy guys with wheelbarrows are all we need to get the job done. No need to use a sledgehammer to drive a nail.

There’s a level around the conservatory, a half level by the greenhouse, the main level for the beds and a fourth along the bottom for the swampy garden (i.e. things that like the damp and shade most of the day). So that the fung shui is correct I’ll make a fifth level somewhere and avoid the bad luck that four levels might bring.

These guys don’t mind if I work alongside them — which the other two firms didn’t seem keen on — so that’s another reason they got the job. I doubt very much that 2 big strong Scotsmen will let a housewife like me show them up. I’ve more or less got the shapes and heights worked out for what will be a long slog of a day. Fingers crossed the worst of the rain will stay away until later Wednesday afternoon.

There’s little chance of getting any work done today since heavy rain is expected and already I can hear it coming down out there in the dark. Yesterday I dug drainage channels around my mini mountains to help take the water away from the heavy clay soil. It could be very messy around here tomorrow….


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