Too busy to post yesterday what with Jamila’s visit, a serious shop at a local garden center once I put her on the train back up to Aberdeen then the trip to the airport to collect Himself. However, Monday afternoon found me playing with my saw and a huge pile of wood scraps I’d acquired pre-HK.

Everything now planted around the back of the conservatory has been transplanted from the front, which became an overgrown mess in the 2 years we were away. A couple of conifers were never happy out front anyway, so they’ve gone in to big plastic pots along with some ivy cuttings I rooted not long after we got home from HK and a mess of the pansies. Under the pansies are some Lady Jane dwarf tulips which should be up in late April or early May.

The current plan is to put these pots in the new square planters I built then place them to either side of the garage door.

My creations need painting and some wood trim round the base and top edge, but that can wait for a rainy afternoon. Today I need to get started on the bulbs.


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