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When folk ask, that’s what I am going to say from now on. ‘What do you do?’ is a question I usually answer with a variation of ‘taking care of a Scotsman is a full time job’. This gets me assorted responses: admiration from older folk, barely concealed disgust from feminazis, knowing nods from other women who do the same and the occasional turning up at the corners of the mouth of the cement-faced immigration officials at LHR.

 2007 senbazura

If you had asked me at the start of 2004 or 2007 what it is I did, I would have said I was folding a senbazura.

07 senbazura close up

The ’04 project used tiny papers that Himself brought me from his first trip to Tokyo in 2003. I needed more so got them at the Japan Center on Piccadilly in London. My first 1000 cranes  fit into these 3 wrapping paper covered shoeboxes. The 2007 version shown (which I was about 600 in to when we got the HK assignment news) uses papers of all sizes.

2004 senbazura

Both have been boxed up for storage in the attic. Himself has a golf match on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend but will be pulling all the boxes out of the loft space for me before he goes. We don’t actually have an attic in our new build house but I hope to get the truss roof converted into a useable space sometime in the next few years.


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