One of those moments

Expat moments: we’ve all had them. Those times when something happens – not always major – or you see something – not necessarily spectacular – and say to yourself ‘I an NOT in (your home town) anymore’.

After popping out to SSP this morning on one of my all-too-rare solo trips, I took the MTR back to Central to get the Better Half’s favourite raisin sesame bread at City Super. As I was leaving ifc I saw the protest du jour approaching the city from the piers but didn’t think much of it. I got my stamps at the big Post Office and as I left to head back home via the walkways, the protest was  passing by (never saw one ON a raised walkway before). I started forming an alternate route even before paying attention to what the protest was about. There were plenty of the bed sheet banners covered in Chinese characters splodged on in blood-red paint…and then I saw the English signs and logos.

Well, y’all know where the Better Half works. I didn’t see any media, but it being the day it is today, I decided to take no chances with fate. Can you see the headlines now? Corporate Wife of Senior Manager Joins HK Protest Against Her Breadwinner’s Employers.

An expat moment.


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American by birth, Irish by heritage, Scottish by marriage. Housewife.
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